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Nice to meet you, my name is Robert Clinton Dart, Jr., MD.
I am a professional doctor with over 25 years of experience. My specialty is maintaining male sexual health. But in recent years, I have been paying more and more attention to women’s issues.

When we talk about sexual health, there is no place for unprofessionalism or a superficial overview of diseases. Inexperienced doctors often pay too little attention to this area of medicine and make many mistakes. I am the founder of the site e-parfemy.org and provide for my readers the most complete, useful and reliable information, which is taken from my personal experience. You can rely on the materials you read on this site.

Over the years of medical practice, I’m tired of correcting the mistakes of my colleagues. I am also tired of the fact that the Internet has very little useful information about sexual health.
That is why, I want to share my knowledge and invest my time for the weekly release of new materials on the topic of sexual health.
On this site you will find answers to all your questions that relate to the areas of sexual desire, erection, frigidity, sexual relations, intimate health, etc.

Each material on the site is supported by practical experience, mine or colleagues. In addition, I am engaging in discussions with doctors from various fields to explain the origin of a disorder. Indeed, sexual health by more than 60% depends on the general well-being, both psychological and physiological.

My mission is to collect all the objective information in one place and increase medical literacy among the population.
This site is a non-profit project that does not aim at making money. We provide users with information for review, which is designed to improve the feedback between the patient and the doctor.