Brush your teeth for better erection

How healthy gums help to achieve good sexual performance

Brush Teeth

The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published results of a recent study, proved that gum diseases may cause erectile dysfunction. Rats with periodontitis were examined for the ability to have an erection. It turned, that chronic infections and inflammations in oral cavity reduce the level of eNOS, the enzyme, which is important for a nervous and blood response to a sexual arousal.

Of course, there are a lot of other erection factors (especially for human body). That is why Chinese Luzhou Medical College investigators, who conducted the survey, do not claim results need no more prove. Anyway, it is obvious, why healthy breath and ultrawhite smile are associated with sexual attractiveness. 

The question of direct correlation between dental health and male sexuality allegedly demands further investigation. It stands to reason that connection between teeth and penile function is not obvious.

Leonard G. Gomella, professor from University of Thomas Jefferson says, that any inflammatory disorder may cause the progression of sexual dysfunction. Other expert, president of the American Academy of Periodontology Donald S. Clem considers that inflammatory might mark more serious general health problems (e.g. diabetes, heart disorders, malnutrition and so on).

For clarifying the issue more researches of connection between penile and dental health should be done. Though, clean teeth and healthy gums will help to maintain general good mood anyway. Thus do not neglect oral hygiene and try to have a regular dental examination.

Some more interesting news waits those who prefer natural treatments. Scientists from University of British Columbia found that fresh-brewed green tea helps to get rid of bacteria and volatile sulfur combinations in oral cavity that may cause dental problems. It is interesting that chewing gum, in opposite, increases their mount.
It is proved that even bottled green tea may help to maintain a good health. Iced tea still contains catechin compounds which are famous for their antioxidant and odor-neutralizing functions.