Vacuum Constrictor Therapy – The Essence Of The Technique

Vacuum constrictor therapy is a method of additional treatment for erectile dysfunction in men. It has a certain analogy with LOD therapy (the effect of local negative pressure on the penis). The use of this technique allows you to achieve an erection before sexual intercourse, sufficient for full sex.

The essence of vacuum constrictor therapy

The essence of the therapeutic effect and the subsequent development of penile erection after the application of vacuum constrictor therapy consists of 2 main mechanisms:

  1. An increase in blood flow to the cavernous (cavernous) bodies of the penis and providing an erection by creating local negative pressure.
  2. Retention of blood in the cavernous bodies, which is provided by a special constrictor ring that prevents its outflow.

Due to local exposure to negative pressure, the cavernous bodies expand and their blood filling improves. Also, this effect leads to mechanical irritation of the nerve receptors of the body and head of the penis, which contributes to a sufficient reduction of the sphincters of the cavernous bodies. The constrictor ring makes it possible to maintain an erection at a level sufficient for sexual intercourse due to an obstacle to the rapid outflow of blood from the corpora cavernosa.

The use of vacuum constrictor therapy is possible as an additional method of therapy during the application of lines 1 and 2 of the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Device structure

The classic device for conducting vacuum constrictor therapy includes several main nodes, which include:

    • A cylinder made of a strong, transparent, unbreakable material in which the penis is placed to act under local negative pressure.
    • A vacuum pump that creates negative pressure in the cylinder by pumping air.
    • Constrictor (compressive) rings (usually in an amount of at least 4 pieces).
    • Special cone required to put on the constrictor ring on the cylinder.
    • Gaskets to protect the skin of the perineum and scrotum from being drawn into the cylinder while creating negative pressure in it.

A device for vacuum constrictor therapy may have slight differences in modification depending on the model and manufacturer. Some models may contain a special device for removing the constrictor ring as part of the cylinder.

Appliance Technique

Unlike other methods, vacuum constrictor therapy can be used at home. For this, a man needs to take a sitting position, then perform several sequential actions:

  1. Apply on the skin of the body, the mucous membrane of the glans penis, as well as the edges of the cylinder of the device lubricant (special lubrication).
  2. Put a compression ring on the cylinder (the ring size is pre-selected before using the device).
  3. Place the penis in the cylinder and then create a vacuum in it using a pump (make sure that the edges of the flask are firmly pressed to the pubic skin at the base of the penis to prevent air from sucking into it, as well as the scrotum from entering the cylinder, for this purpose wear special pads). Additional sealing is facilitated by a special lubricant applied to the skin and the edges of the flask. If necessary, pubic hair can be shaved for better contact with the skin.
  4. Due to air pumping, it is necessary to achieve maximum penile tension (the presence of a lubricant ensures free sliding of the body and head of the penis in the cylinder during the onset of erection), which is felt in the form of severity and moderate pain in the head. In the event of intense pain, it is necessary to press a special button on the cylinder, which relieves negative pressure (in some models there is a built-in special valve that provides maximum air pressure at a level of no higher than 250 mm Hg).
  5. After the onset of an erection by hand, it is necessary to move the compression ring (or turn the handle if there is a mechanism for shifting the constrictor ring) to the base of the penis, after which the cylinder is removed.

After intercourse, the compressive ring is carefully removed from the base of the penis, after which its tension gradually decreases.

It is important to remember that the length of the constrictor ring based on the penis should not exceed half an hour .

Types of vacuum constrictor devices

The market of devices for vacuum constrictor therapy is represented by products mainly of American and Russian production. American devices are represented by Timm Medical, which was the first to develop and patent this type of device. In Russia, several companies are also engaged in the production of vacuum-constrictor devices. Due to the low propaganda of this method of therapy among patients and doctors, the Russian segment of the market for these products remains at a low level.

There are also inexpensive devices that can be seen in sex shops, but due to the use of weak materials in their production, the presence of a weak pump and constrictor rings, the therapeutic effect of their use is low.

How to choose a constrictor ring?

Almost all devices for vacuum constrictor therapy in their configuration contain several constrictor rings (usually at least 4 pieces). They have a different size, which makes it possible to choose a ring depending on the individual diameter of the base of the penis of a man. The selection should start with a constrictor ring of a larger diameter, if it does not maintain an erection at a sufficient level (within 5 minutes there is a significant decrease in penile tension), a smaller size is chosen. If the ring of the smallest diameter does not keep the erection at a sufficient level, then you should try to wear 2 rings at the same time.

The lack of effect from the use of 2 constrictor rings requires contacting a doctor for an individual choice of size.

The disadvantages of the use of vacuum constrictor therapy

There are several disadvantages of using vacuum constrictor therapy of erectile dysfunction, these include:

    • A local decrease in the temperature of the tissues of the penis (temperature may decrease by 1 ° C), caused by a decrease in venous outflow.
    • Cyanotic staining (cyanosis) of the skin of the body and mucous membrane of the glans penis, which disappears after removal of the constrictor ring.
    • An increase in the volume of the penis due to a small swelling of the tissues caused by a decrease in venous outflow (the volume when using vacuum constrictor therapy is greater than with physiological erection).
    • The appearance of pain and numbness of the penis is a frequent drawback of this type of therapy (due to compression of the sensitive nerve fibers of the penis with a constrictor ring), the severity of pain usually decreases with each subsequent use of the device.
    • Pain during ejaculation occurs in 15% of cases, and there may also be a complete absence of ejaculation associated with compression of the urethra (up to 30% of cases).
    • ruises (hematomas) on the skin of the penis, which are small hemorrhages due to damage to the walls of the venous vessels. Most often, bruises appear in men using vacuum constrictor therapy while taking drugs from the pharmacological group of anticoagulants (Aspirin, Cardiomagnyl).
    • Ischemia of the tissues of the penis – a decrease in blood circulation due to a decrease in venous outflow can lead to reduced cell nutrition, damage and death, therefore it is very important not to leave the constrictor ring for a period of time exceeding 30 minutes. Ischemia can also develop in men with reduced sensitivity of perineal and penile tissues (usually develops against the background of pathology of the lumbar spinal cord), therefore, the use of vacuum constrictor therapy is contraindicated for them.

In connection with the appearance of pain, cyanosis and numbness of the penis, 15% of men remain unsatisfied after using vacuum constrictor therapy. It is very important to consult a doctor before using the device. This will reduce the likelihood of developing deficiencies and complications of this type of treatment.

Device Care

After using the device for vacuum constrictor therapy, all parts must be washed with warm soapy water and then dried. Do not flush parts of the device that are powered by electricity (applies to appliances with an electric pump).

Vacuum-constrictor therapy due to ease of use, the possibility of use at home and achieving an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse is quite widespread. Before choosing a device for this type of therapy, as well as starting to use it, you should definitely consult with your doctor.